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Posted on : Jun 24, 2016

Gizmo is an American Kennel Club (AKC) certified purebred fawn pug who was born/whelped on 11/23/14 from an excellent Pedigree. He is a healthy, energetic and robust boy with a personality that is sassy but more loveable than anyone can imagine! Gizmo is looking for a nice healthy female, with a gre...

Posted on : Jun 24, 2016

Available for stud is our handsome boy Dexter, KC reg, genetically tested and carries genes AY, At, dd. and can produce pure blue, Black& Tan or blue& tan offspring depending on the genes of the bitch he is mated with, and he doesn't carry brindle or pied. He is passing on the At gene to all litters...

Posted on : Apr 15, 2016

My Boy Moorthy's Nike of SunnyHill available for Stud....